Colour No.1: Crisp white

If you think that white is just plain and boring, well think againThe colour White has evolved in time, thus, making it easier to combine with blue-hued and grey furniture. This colour is mostly used in areas where the natural light enters properly.

Crisp white is the shade of bright white with a fusion of green. To make sure that your room won’t look empty and cold, you need to choose your furniture and accessories appropriately. Choose furniture and accessories with pops of colour like green, pink, or yellow. 


Colour No.2: Burgundy

Burgundy is a mixture of a dark purple and pinkish hue. Its name came from the burgundy wine of the Burgundy region of France. Usually, this colour shade is used to create an accent wall. To ensure that this wall colour will be effective, your room must have enough light illumination to make the room feel open.

This colour is perfect if you want to make a bold statement in your home. If you want to make a real impact, try pairing it with accessories that are deep green in colour. Or if you’re after a certain mood, use wooden furniture like tables, bedhead, and wooden chairs. 


Colour No.3: Golden sand

Golden sand colour is a vibrant modern shade of mustard that is ideal for the quirky confident type of home. To make your wall more amazing with this colour, it’s best matched with patterned rugs, timber floors, and/or white furniture.

To make it more attractive, you can use indoor plants as an accessory, thus, it’ll bring a summer feeling into your room.


Colour No.4: Gentleman’s grey

Even though this colour’s name says grey, it’s actually a rich shade of navy blue. It’s popularly used in wall features and cabinetry throughout the home

If you’re thinking that this colour will only fit for men’s style, worry not, because you can simply pair it with light pink accessories to strike a feminine touch. To brighten up the room, you can use light coloured wood furniture.


Colour No.5: Viking grey

If you’re after the minimalist interior design, then you can opt for this colour shade. Viking grey is a grey shade with a pinch of blue, which was inspired by Australia’s coastal regions.

Viking grey is the most ideal colour if your home is industrial themed. To accentuate your home’s interior design with this colour, you may use accessories made of copper, shiny light fixtures, and/or wooden chairs.


These are just a few of the popular wall colour choices in Australia. If you’re unsure which is the colour for your wall, it would be best to consult an expert.

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