Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received here at TJS Toowoomba Builder. Read on because these may answer some of the queries you have in mind.

Q: Why are we the right Toowoomba builder for you?

A: We have over 100 years combined knowledge. It is this depth and knowledge that sets us apart from other builders in Toowoomba.

Q: We have our own house plan. Are we still able to build with TJS Building Group?

A: Yes, we don't mind pricing your own plans. We also offer a free consultation where we can discuss your plans and ideas, and also give you some guidance in designing the layout of your new home. Click here to get in contact with us.


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Q: What types of frames do you use to build your house with?

A: We can use either timber or steel frames, depending on your needs and wants.


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Q: We're having trouble picking the right colours to suit our home. Can you help us?

A: Yes, at our main office in Toowoomba, our colour selection room includes designer selected colour boards which you can choose from. If these still don't suit, why not just mix and match.


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Q: We would like to build our own house.

A: We can supply you with a kit that has everything included to build your own house. Click here to go to our Steelbuilt Kit Homes page.


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Q: We've got a sloping block. Do you have plans to suit?

A: Yes, we have many plans to suit a sloping block. Click here to read about Sloping Blocks or alternatively click here to see our Hillside plans appropriate for sloping blocks.

Q: What types of houses do you normally build?

A: We build all types, from Colonial style homes, units and duplexes, to the more conventional type homes that you see commonly today. Click here to go to our gallery page to see some of our past projects.


Do you have other questions for our Toowoomba builders? We are happy to help. Send us a message, today.

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