Benefits of Stump Homes

Are you planning to build a house on a sloping block?

Does your site have unstable soil?

Or is your property located on the side of a hill?

If you’re just about to construct the house of your dreams, a stump home will most likely be the best option you can choose.


Let us show you the 5 benefits of stump homes you need to know. Read on.


Benefit #1. Flood protection

It was said in a published article of FloodSax that there are 1.3 million homes that could be a are flood risk in Australia. Flood has been a common issue in the low-lying places and areas near the rivers.

With this given data, a stump home will be beneficial to a property owner. A stump home uses concrete pilings or steel stilts on adjustable stumps to be raised above the ground. This will act as a protection against flood incidents. 


Benefit #2. Creates ventilation

Extreme weather conditions and pest infestations are wide in Queensland, thus raising houses had been an iconic design to battle these issues.

How is this done?

A series of stumps are placed below the house to ensure that it’s elevated strongly and stable.

As a result of this elevation, it also creates good ventilation beneath your house. 


Benefit #3. Easily adjustable

Is your land property located in a sloping block with a rocky foundation? If yes, then building a stump home will be an excellent choice.

A stump home use individual concrete poles or steel stumps with different heights, which all meet at the same floor line. Should you need to adjust the height of one of the stumps by no more than 20mm, it is as simple as twisting with a wrench.

So if your property is:

  • Located on a steep coastal site
  • A sloping block
  • Has a rocky foundation
  • Uneven ground

A stump home will be able to provide strong stumps which can firmly hold your home. 


Benefit #4: Easy to add an extension on later

Because the stumps and floor are all above the ground, it is easy to add an extension on to your home later on down the track. 

Not only this, all the pipework is easily accessible should you want to change or add extra showers, toilets or sinks to your home.


Benefit #5: Maximises the view

A stump home can also give you the power to maximise the view of your property’s location. As it was mentioned above, whether your site is on a coastal area or a sloping block in the middle of tall trees, your house can stand above and see everything from it.

Just imagine living beside the peak of the trees and seeing the view far away from you? Wouldn’t that be mesmerising to see every day? By building a stump home, you don’t have to settle under the trees, rather you can rise above and see the stunning view with them.

Have the benefits of stump homes convinced you now? A stump home may look peculiar but its benefits are catchy and desirable.

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