Sloping Blocks Builder Toowoomba

Purchasing a block for your dream home is all about location, location, location. But finding the right location at the right cost can sometimes lead to disappointment. Thankfully there are ways to make the most of your sloping block and get your dream home planning back on track. While there are positives and negative towards a sloping block, with the right experienced builder and the right plan, we think the positives out way the negatives. 



Working with the slope that already exists by designing your home to fit will reduce the need for excavation and retaining wall costs.

Sloping blocks may require retaining walls and/or excavation if a plan that does not suit is used.

Sloping Blocks have a better view – GENERALLY giving the block a higher value when it comes time to sell.

Generally building on a sloping block will cost more than building on a flat block.

Elevated homes with timber flooring means a cool breeze will flow through house keeping IT cool – ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY COOLING!

Excavation of a block can cause problems with the drainage, exacerbate erosion, and instability - Builder will therefore have to use sediment control measures to protect the block's integrity.

Garage can be underneath the house – saving you space.

Masonry homes are generally too heavy for sloping sites.

Better drainage than level blocks.