Go Green Home Builders toowoombaThink about the orientation of your house on your chosen block of land. By orientating your home on its site, you can take advantage of the sun and the cooling breeze. Good orientation will reduce the need for support heating and cooling and improves the use of panels for solar heating and hot water.

  • By applying some form of shading to your house, you can reduce summer temperatures, improve your comfort and save energy. “Direct sun can generate the same heat as a single bar radiator over each square metre of a surface”. Eaves, window awnings, shutters, pergolas, solar block windows and plants or trees are all effective ways of shading your house and can block up to 90% of the heat.
  • Insulation is a must in every house. Not only does it act as a barrier to heat flow keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, it also helps with weather and sound proofing your home. Insulation should be installed when the house is being constructed to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Skylights can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size, and can improve natural ventilation. Factors which should be considered however are the size, spacing, energy efficiency and appropriateness for climate to ensure that unwanted heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter doesn’t occur. Install a skylight in an area of your house which lacks the capacity to have widows and this will ensure a source of natural light.