“Cladding” is a non-loadbearing layer attached to the outside of the home to repel water and protect the building from the effects of weather. The cladding type you pick is an important part of the build - not only for aesthetic appeal, but also because it directly impacts both the building cost and your future property value.

Here at TJS Building Group, we commonly use 4 main types on our homes.

  1. Colorbond Steel Colorbond Steel Homes - TJS Building Lockyer Valley

Colorbond Steel is a low maintenance product that has a variety of colours available to be chosen. This fantastic product can be fixed horizontally or vertically and once fixed requires no upkeep, including painting. Just give it a quick wash with rainwater to get rid of the dust every now and then and it will be good as new!

To see colours available or to read more about this product, head to https://colorbond.com/colour .



  1. Weathertex Weathertex Homes - TJS Building Lockyer Valley

Weathertex is made up of 97% hardwood timber and 3% natural wax for water repellence. White acrylic primer is then applied to the surface ready for your chosen paint colour to go over the top. A popular option due to its low cost and many profile options, this product can be used to achieve all different looks including classic, contemporary and modern.

To see the different profiles available, click here: https://www.weathertex.com.au/product-category/weatherboards/



  1. Scyon Linea Weatherboard Scycon Linea Weatherboard Homes - TJS Building Lockyer Valley

A popular James Hardie product that can be used to achieve a classic or contemporary look on external walls, upper-storey and ground-level extensions and feature internal walls. This product is 16mm thick (the thickest weatherboard available), will resist shrinking, swelling and cracking, and features deep shadow lines which makes it visually similar to the old style weatherboards found on the older colonial homes.

To view more on this product, head to https://www.jameshardie.com.au/products/weatherboards/scyon-linea-weatherboard/



  1. Brick Brick Homes - TJS Building Lockyer Valley

While the price of bricks can range widely based on the size, colour and desired finish, the different visual outcomes that can be created from this product is endless. Whether you want just plain brick, painted or rendered, you are bound to find a look that suits your home.

To read more on the benefits of brick, head to: https://www.pghbricks.com.au/bricks/benefits-of-brick


  1. Mixed Mixed Homes - TJS Building Lockyer Valley

Why not mix it up and do two different types.










With so many choices out there, how do you know which one to pick? While its great to pick ones that are beautiful, its also important to think about the way the basin will be used. Do you have kids that will be using it? What height would be best for you?
Well don’t worry - we did the research for you! Check out our pros and cons list below to decide what basin is going to be the best for your custom home build.

Fancy/Visually appealing basins – Fancy Above Basins - TJS Building Lockyer Valley

Pros – visually stunning/statement piece

Cons – not great with kids, more expensive, could be extra in plumbing costs

Visually these guys are beautiful and can be the statement of the room. However, they are not a great option if you have kids that will be using it constantly due to its height and breakability. These also may require more expensive tapware to be usable or extra plumbing costs.

 Above bench basins –

Pros – visually stunning/statement piece, great for tall people.

Cons – will need a tall basin tap so may be more expensive, not great for shorter people.

Another option which can be the statement piece of the room. These basins will require a taller basin tap to reach over the lip which may be more expensive. They are also not a good option for smaller kids as they may not be able to reach above the lip.

Semi Recessed Basins - TJS Building Lockyer Valley

 Semi-Recessed basins –

Pros – Great for smaller spaces, Kid Friendly

Cons – No bench-space at the front to catch water splashes, less storage underneath.

These basins are built into the cabinetry and jut out at the front. A great option if you have small room and need to add a vanity and basin with storage underneath. Most tapware will be suitable for these basins.


Drop-in Basin – Drop in Basins - TJS Building Lockyer Valley

Pros – Kid friendly,

Cons - Nil

The most used type of basin that comes in many different shapes and sizes and will be suitable for most tapware. A good option for kids!

Wall mounted basin –

Pros –Great for small spaces, easy maintenance with no bench to clean

Cons – No storage underneath, doesn’t hide pipework

Another great basin option if you are low on space in your desired room. Some of these come with a pedestal that hides pipework underneath while others simply fix straight to the wall. If your chosen basin doesn’t do this, you can always have something made up to hide the pipes. This basin option generally does not allow for storage underneath.

From the painting to planning ahead, there is always something that you can do that will help you save money not only on the current job, but in the future as well.Home Builders News Toowoomba

  • Some builders will allow you to complete parts of the construction yourself and will take a credit off the overall contract amount. These jobs may include the painting, tiling, flooring, cabinetry, landscaping, the fit-out, purchasing your own light fittings and cleaning the house before hand-over. While they may not save you much, a few thousand here and there can really add up over the life-span of the job and if you have family or friends who are qualified tradesman, the savings can be even more. 
  • If you don’t have enough money to build your dream home, plan ahead. By doing this you will decrease the amount you may have to spend and make it possible, should you choose to extend or renovate your house in the future. Things like using vinyl flooring until you can afford tiles is a great example.

House Planning with Toowoomba Builders

By picking exactly what you want before you start the construction process, you will receive a personalised list of inclusions detailing what you will be getting for your money. Changing your mind during the building process can end up being a costly exercise, resulting in wasted money, and not to mention the time delays in the construction.

Once you have set a budget and have an idea of what you would like to build, get in contact with your certified builder and organise a meeting to discuss your options. Experienced builders have a great plethora of knowledge, and can sometimes suggest materials or finishes that may save costs or acheive the look you are hoping for.

Once you have settled on a house to build and picked your materials, colours etc......Don’t change it if possible! Changing your plans once it has been drafted can end up costly. This can be because of multiple trips to the draftsman, engineer or even resubmitting variations to the council. Changing plans and ideas once the build starts can raise the cost significantly as you may end up out of pocket for the cost of materials that you no longer want.

Most variations, (unless agreed upon by both the builder and customer) will also result in a processing or admin fee due to the time it takes to change the information in the system and inform all sub-contractors on-site.

Sloping Blocks Builder Toowoomba

Purchasing a block for your dream home is all about location, location, location. But finding the right location at the right cost can sometimes lead to disappointment. Thankfully there are ways to make the most of your sloping block and get your dream home planning back on track. While there are positives and negative towards a sloping block, with the right experienced builder and the right plan, we think the positives out way the negatives. 



Working with the slope that already exists by designing your home to fit will reduce the need for excavation and retaining wall costs.

Sloping blocks may require retaining walls and/or excavation if a plan that does not suit is used.

Sloping Blocks have a better view – GENERALLY giving the block a higher value when it comes time to sell.

Generally building on a sloping block will cost more than building on a flat block.

Elevated homes with timber flooring means a cool breeze will flow through house keeping IT cool – ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY COOLING!

Excavation of a block can cause problems with the drainage, exacerbate erosion, and instability - Builder will therefore have to use sediment control measures to protect the block's integrity.

Garage can be underneath the house – saving you space.

Masonry homes are generally too heavy for sloping sites.

Better drainage than level blocks.